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painter and writer



A Passionate Soul

Yes I am a passionate soul! I love art!

I always and who am I kidding struggle with what you say in this class. The more I just lose myself in drawing and painting the better my art is.  I do work as a substitute teacher and this is wonderful experience for writing my book and simply working on  my art. I love kids and they remind me to just draw and paint. 

Here's a simple drawing I did in like five but hey its more me than lots of drawings that take me hours. I think way to much about wanting to publish a book and giant greeting cards.



I was in class drawing pictures up at the board and couldn't draw but I drew these when it was just me, five minutes and drawing for the love of it. This love and passion is something I have never felt before...I giggle smile when I think of all of the cool ideas I have. I want to share these with the world. The only other time I felt this was in college. I just wanted to lean so much and it made me feel amazing that I could learn whatever I wanted and meet people from all over the world.   



My new goal is I want to draw everyday with the heart of a kid! Yes I am working on my book but I just see the adorable faces who are excited for reading my book. I will share it with them. I just need a summer job and we would be awesome!

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