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A Not So Scientific Illustration

First, I want to apologize that my design is not entirely related to the class project, that is, I did not create a scientific illustration. Why? Well, cleaning out my garage I found a comic book that I completed when I was 9 years old. This is an 82-page manuscript, completely colored, with heroes, vilains, love interests and all kinds of stuff.

So, when I saw that, I knew I had to bring the main character to life using the methods in this class. Christine, I must say that even though I have been drawing since I was three years old, I was always intimidated in how to get my sketches digitized. I've been wanting to attemtp something like this, but all the classes that I've seen before were too complicated. The whole process seemed to me beyond me, however, your class has changed that.

You're seriously one of the best professors on here. Your methods are easy to follow and thaks to you, I've digitized my first sketch, ever!

The Story

So, when I was 9, I was in Cuba (where I was born), but I began teaching myself English with a dictionary because, well, because I'm a nerd. All that to say that I'm not sure why I named my characters "Minikings," since they're not kings, at least not all of them. But alas, I probably used English because I thought it was cool.

The main character, the one I illustrated is called "Duke Luke." And he is a duke. Anyway, here he is. 


All of the other characters in the comic book have the same boyd type, but with different features, of course. There's even "extra-minikings," which is my version of extra-terrestrials. 

After buying Kyle's awesome watercolors, I did this version of Duke Luke.


The typography is obviously not handwritten and I hope that you'll excuse my not using an actual scientific subject. But honestly, I was so happy with what I learned in your class and by rediscovering my drawings, that I couldn't help myself.


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