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A Normal Day in the Life of Zen

Just a written list on a post-it pad as I didn't bring my sketchbook with me. I'll probably be working on this over the long weekend and the snoozing and waking-up again is pretty important part of my day, so I'm not cutting that. =)

Any feedback would be great~!

July 1: So I changed up a few things. Here are the ones I'm illustrating:

  1. Snooze through alarm
  2. Wake up
  3. Stumble to shower
  4. Brush teeth
  5. Kiss the hubby bye
  6. Wait for transit
  7. Play 3DS on transit
  8. Clock in for work
  9. Check emails
  10. Grab breakfast
  11. Work at computer
  12. Eat lunch
  13. Work at computer
  14. Drink water
  15. Wait for transit
  16. Climb
  17. Eat dinner
  18. Play dota2
  19. Eat icecream
  20. Sleep

Here is the rough sketch:

July 5: Final sketches. Will start working on the graphics part this weekend. 

July 14: Been awhile since I had time to work on this. Here are a couple icons for now:

July 15: Final product. The dota2 one ( #18) was the hardest. I finally decided on the typical drow ranger from the side shot as well as the dota2 symbol just incase.


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