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Sam Hainsworth

Digital & Graphic Designer



A Night Around Leeds

I live in Leeds, a small city in the UK. I moved here about a month ago and I'd not really gone exploring so saw this course as an opportunity to see the sights and get some nice photos. I left my flat around 10pm and didnt get back until 1am so these are mainly night shots. Camera I'm using is a Canon 1200D, I'm new to photography so feedback on these would be great. Hope you like them all!


City Portrait

I shot this one in a pub close by to my flat. I watched this guy for a while and noticed he had 3 pints of beer on his table but no one else with him. After a while I noticed he had a ticket for the football match that day in Leeds. As I left he put on the teams scraf and cap. I really like this shot, there's something really interesting about him.


Look Up

I seethis building almost everyday and love the huge type spray around it. It been knocked down (as we speak I can see it being pulled down) so I really wanted to get a shot before it goes. I tried getting it from a few different angles and this one just stood out to me.


Night Shot

Never seen this building before and just came across it on the way back to my flat. love the lighting around it and how it stands out from the rest. Has quite a creepy and sooky look to it.

Motion shot

Currently working on this, took a few but yet to find the right one.

Hope you enjoyed these!


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