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A New Flag and Teenage Diary

For this layout, I'm using:

  • my artwork from last year's New Zealand Flag Referendum
  • a Golden Ratio geometric grid, and
  • Affinity Designer.


And here is the same layout with the grid...


The above spread is deliberately loud with it's red white and blue colours aiming to create an impact.

The photo below is one I took earlier this year. It was originally taken for promoting a round towel I designed.

With the spread below, I wanted to create the opposite feel to the one above.

The colours for the page number block and title are pulled from the towel's pink pineapples to create a diagonal splash of colour from bottom-left up to the top right.

The title and serene backdrop create tension by hinting at a story that could go in any number of directions (if I ever got around to writing one).



I'm using an old laptop that has been rebuilt, and in the process I lost my fonts. For these spreads, I've used pre-installed Mac fonts for now.


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