A Much Needed Push

A Much Needed Push - student project

Timing is everything. I found this class during a time of new, deep, grief and total loss of direction. The topic, tone, and teacher were exactly what I needed.

Thank you, Elle Luna.

My background is words. However, a shift into visual has been knocking on my door for some time. Instagram and Flickr have become my new comfy blanket. When I went through my Instagram account to see the last 50 people I've followed, they overwhelmingly pointed to exotic travel. And were mostly other SkillShare teachers!

Yes, traveling is something I really enjoy, but at the moment my sights are set closer to home. This doesn't mean I can't share my city framed to appear *exotic* ;)

So my process became:

I pulled together my Really Cool Shit Folder and discovered I'm not too bad of a newbie photographer and my eye for editing has improved. Using the note cards, I wrote down the IG accounts and words I felt described the account. I toyed with them while practicing hand lettering and pen & pencil drawing. (Inspired by other Skillshare classes of course!) I'm limited in physical space on even a temporary basis so I would lay out my cards and spend dedicated time each day studying what I had. Standing in front of my bookcase was a wonderful walk down memory lane. My TBR stack is HUGE. And the walk down mom's memory lane was enlightening.

Through this process, I am beginning to see new directions for myself that I have been ... I'm not really sure. Have these passions or gifts always been there? Have I been ignoring them so I could keep doing what made me, and those around me, comfortable? 

And finally, am I truly ready to take the first step of a journey when I cannot see the rest of the path?

This will not be the last time I work through the steps Elle has shared. I understand that life changes, directions change. Minds and hearts, change. Every ending in a new beginning. Our souls are made stronger by the lessons change teach.

A Much Needed Push - image 1 - student project

A Much Needed Push - image 2 - student project

I know I'll make it through this place I'm in right now. I've been through other things, good and bad. And if there is one common thing about them all, it is that they all end. 

And they must. So something new may begin.

Nanci Arvizu
Author, Artist, Dreamer