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A Mother's Arms

From Dublin, Ireland, I'm a ex-graphic designer, and now a stay at home mother with two small children in the house, and DESPERATELY in need of a creative outlet other than what clothes the girls wear everyday ... seriously!!

I got a calligraphy set when I was around 11 or 12 years old, I still remember practicing the old fashioned scripts, Uncial and Old English styles. I thought I was great!! Just two weeks ago my local library ran a two hour calligraphy workshop, so I booked it thinking it was just something to do but I came home hooked already. 

Really so happy that I found this class, and Skillshare in general. I actually watched all three of Bryn's classes first before starting, while waiting on nibs to arrive and I must say I think Bryn is a very cool teacher, her calligraphy style is inspiring to me, I would love one day to be able to write as she does. Although I know there must be many hours, weeks and months of practice before I could get to that level, if ever.


I am still working my way through the script alphabet as supplied in the coursework notes, up to lowercase q so far. After every three letters I practice the alphabet so far. It seems to be working for me and helping me to remember the strokes. 

Honestly, at the start I found using the nib and ink really hard! I'm still struggling with it, but not quite as intimidated as I was on day 1. I'm using Windsor and Newton India Ink, which was giving me quite thick lines even on the upstrokes, so I've watered it down to where I find it is working better for me. I have two nibs, a Brause Cito-Fein and a Brause 361 (Blue Pumpkin). The Cito-Fein I'm finding a bit rigid, so I'm using the Blue Pumpkin more. I'd love to get a Nikko G to try, but as I would have to order it online (I think from the States?) I'll wait a few weeks and see how I manage with the Brause nibs for now. 

Here are my practice sheets so far (mistakes and all!), on Daler Rowney 70gsm (48lb) Marker Paper - handy as it's available in my local stationers. 






A while back I saw a meme on Facebook which I really loved, it was a photo of a woman putting her make up on in a mirror. She was only in her underwear but she had her baby in a sling and the baby was sleeping. Under the photo was the quote by Victor Hugo ... "A mother's arms are made of tenderness, and children sleep soundly in them".

Just the words themselves made me a bit teary! But as I also carry my babies in slings it had a double meaning for me. So I thought it would lovely to use for this project.

This is the photo, isn't it just beautiful. NOTE even though I carry my children, it doesn't exactly look like this!! 



I'm just writing it over and over, on different paper, using different inks and different nibs, I've also tried faux calligraphy, Copic marker, and fine liners. 




This is my final project, written on Bristol Board. I'm hoping to add some small watercolour flourishes and maybe put it in a white square Ikea frame for the bedroom. Really happy with how it turned out and loved the class!



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