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A Morning in Ubud, Bali for Ami Vitale's Capturing Places and People Skillshare Course

Hi Ami, Your class was a terrific experience for me. I've been following you on IG for a few years so I am totally excited taking this class with you! Your videos were not only extremely insightful and inspirational, they were very easy to watch and understand because of how genuine you are.

So onto this project--which I found challenging. Trying to tell a story about one particular spot with just two images definitely put me to the test. Just trying to stay put for an hour was tough. But I totally appreciate the merit behind the concept. It is very refreshing to hear a photographer like you taking this deliberate and 'mindful' approach. And you are totally right BTW, I was more aware of what I might be missing behind me when I was too focused on what was in front of me. This was very humbling for me since I've been an aspiring street photog for a few years now.

What I am submitting is my third attempt at this assignment. I'm still not completely happy with the results, but I finally decided that I need to commit--ha ha ;-). These were taken this morning (14 Jul 2016) in Ubud, Bali. I tried to capture a typical early morning open market scene.


Above: Pasar Ubud (Ubud traditional market): this is the main fresh market for locals in the morning. This particular market transforms into a tourist trap by midday. I'll probably go back later today if possible to capture the afternoon/evening scene just illustrate the different vibe. This scene caught my eye because of the age and fashion differences of these two Balinese women. I also liked the harsh contrast of the recently burned out building strewn with rubbish in the background.


Above: A typical stray Bali Dog relaxing on the street as a tourist waits for her ride and a Balinese woman heads off to the market across the street. This photo was taken across the street from Pasar Ubud. This intersection is the busiest intersection in Ubud. Ubud is a popular tourist destination in Bali, especially for day trippers. This scene caught my eye for a few reasons: 1) I feel it brings balance to my project by showing the tourist element of Ubud 2) it captures three slices of Bali--a tourist, a Balinese, and the beloved Bali Dog 3) and the location--it's taken on the busiest corner in Ubud right at the entrance to the Ubud Palace (historic landmark).

Thanks so much for this opportunity, Ami. I look forward to your comments! :-)

warm regards from Bali,




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