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A Morning at the Mountains

Last December, my family and I went to a spontaneous trip to our cousin's hometown in Mountain Province, North of Philippines. I really think this was the most perfect time to relax and move away from the hustle-bustle of the city. It was so peaceful, so calm.

The night before I took this shot, the clouds have slowly and completely covered this view of the mountain in their backyard. My cousin told me that I should wake up really early to catch the sun rise because, surely, those clouds would still be blanketing the mountains in the morning and it'd look really amazing. 

Everything was black on our side of the mountain, and we could'nt see anything but a partially lit sky on the other side... getting ready for a sun to light up the whole place.

An hour after the sun rose, I went back outside to look at this even more amazing scenery. The cloud caps were still there but there was an additional green of the rice terraces.


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