A More Confident Brush Cleaner

A More Confident Brush Cleaner - student project

Thank you for the great class! I recently returned to painting after a 10 year break. My previous training was quite a bit more informal, and definitely lacking on the brush cleaning side. I knew that with this go round, I wanted to be able to treat my brushes with the respect they deserve.

The first thing I ordered after more brushes, is a holder (the round Loew- Cornell Multi-Bin) a rack for them to dry on (Masterson Sta-New Brush Holder, and soap (Escoda Artist Brush and Hand Soap). Previously, I only had a set of flat brushes (Sapphire by Robert Simmons) that I got as a birthday gift when I was in high school. I remembered loving them so much back then, that when I decided to start back up and try watercolor, that not only when I got the new brushes, that I'd try to take proper care of them.

I love the round bin. It was cheap enough that I felt comfortable writing on it with Sharpie (to label what goes where) and has enough space on the smaller brushes to be able to fit duplicates of a size together.

I was unsure if I needed to use soap after each water coloring session-if a good rinse with water was enough... so I'm glad I watched through, now I know to wash the brushes each time for sure.  I wasn't completely sure at first which soap to purchase to handle watercolors, but after using the Escoda soap a few times, I  decided I probably will stick to it.

The other thing I ordered was brush shaper (not pictured- Mona Lisa Brush Shaper). I thought it might come in handy, but the packaging didn't say much about it or really how to use it, so the information you included in your video really helped me feel more confident about it :D

I LOVE the Masterson Brush holder. It is handy that the soft plastic insert holders can come out. (The second to the left one is sitting on the ground by the soap.) For the most part they stay in place, and being able to pull them out to be able to put two tiny brushes-one on each side of the slot- allows you to dry more brushes at once. The soft plastic inserts gently suspend the brushes, so I just leave them there until the brushes dry/over night without worry.

A More Confident Brush Cleaner - image 1 - student project 

Being a bit of an ocd person (can you tell?) I feel much more confident that I'm doing the right process in caring for my brushes. I love knowing that I can watch through your video tutorials again and again. Thanks so much.

Nancy Erle
Watercolor Artist