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A Month of Sketches


Day 1 // Self Portrait // Mama, pen and tea, with an unapproved circle addition from a stray little artist.  I love the authenticity of this little mark.


Day 2 // Trees // Little Fig.  I bought this tiny little fig tree to grow inside and add some life to my home, but it's been a struggle to keep it alive ever since.  I have a black thumb.  I've lost most of the leaves and what's left is not very impressive, but I get a little rush of joy every time I look at it.  I love knowing that it has the potential to grow into a massive plant full of fruit and take over a yard, if I can just look after it well enough!


Day 3 // Lunch // Normally I'm in the kitchen all day long and put a lot in to feeding the family well, but today was a busy day on a holiday weekend, and I ate what was left of a tin of tuna after feeding most of it to my kids, and did the drawing standing in the kitchen with a baby on my hip.


Day 4 // Buildings // Wray Avenue.  This little home means so much to me.  My husband and I spent five years in this little cottage and it welcomed home all three of our babies.  I have so many memories.  Those stairs at the front are where we stopped on our way out the door to pick mulberries from the neighbours tree every morning in summer.  We've moved now to a place with more space, but I miss this home!  On a side note, I have no water colours and have been watering down acrylics and using clunky, cheap brushes.  Time to upgrade!


Day 5 // FRUIT // Spent fruit.  With hungry kids and a round of gin and tonics for us, we had some spare spent fruit around, so I decided to sketch what was left behind. 


Day 6 // BOOK // My brother and his girlfriend bought The Kinfolk Table for me for Christmas.  While I'm reading lots at the moment and have several favourites, the colours and photography of this one make it my favourite looking book.  I was surprised to see so many of the recipes are simple staples like toasted sandwiches.  Perfect!


Day 7 // DRINK // It's been a hot week at the tail end of summer, so we've been having the odd gin and tonic, and making the most of our lime tree. 


Day 10 // Appliance // My morning friend.  We used to live on a street with 3-4 cafes just up the road.  After we moved out of town a little for a bigger yard, this guy made the mornings bearable.  I found painting with so many shades of silver and white parts far more challenging than I expected. 


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