A Moment Like This

A Moment Like This - student project

Jonathan!!! You're not "kinda" fun, you're really extremely incredibly fun!!! What a gift to share this class!

I so agree with what you've spoken about - I definitely have the "you're not enough" and "you're too much" thoughts too!!! 

I've been circling around the idea that my worth and value is inherent, and has nothing to do with anyone's perceptions of good-ness or bad-ness or whatever-ness. Right? Actually, doesn't matter! I'm going with it! I think you summed it up when you said what other people think is none of your business - it doesn't matter because this helps you have more joy. That's what I mean!

I'm curious about the internal family systems work you've done - I wondered if you've experimented with the emotional freedom technique before (tapping?)

I especially loved your spa moment! You might want to mention that all of those biossance products are on the environmental working group's skin deep database as certified! I was so impressed to see that! Thanks for the tip for hot water lovers. (See below - hot water + rose petals in there, oooo and epsom salt and lavender!)

A Moment Like This - image 1 - student project


I'm with you on gardening too! Love it! Have you tried herbalism? Oh so good!

I am a skillshare teacher for kids! I have a class in Beginning Crochet for Kids and Adults, Knitting for Kids and Adults, and Embroidery for Kids and Adults! Maybe cross-stitch next? It is so grounding and centering and magical!!! If you'd ever like to collaborate on some designs, I would absolutely love that!

I think the most challenging part for me might be the rigidity you talked about! I'm doing The Artist's Way morning pages, and feeling like I gotta do it every every morning! I love that you spoke to this and set a good example of scheduling freedom/fun in your planner!

Congratulations on a meaningful and relatable class on an important topic! 

And Lots of Love from Kendra <3 

p.s. my decoupaged journal from high school:


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