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A Mock Webpage Starring my Dog.

The title's self-explanatory.  I imagined my dog making this bizarre online Christmas wish list while I packed as much as I got from this class into it.  I've taken a web design class in college years ago but very little information stuck because I was always overwhelmed so compared to that this was a nice, stress-free course that I could complete in less than a day.  

I did have some problems though.

-With the iFrame, I made my own text to put into the box but it won't show. I typed it up in textedit and saved as a ".html" to my desktop.  

-My image won't show either.  I entered the filename and the image was also on my desktop.

-Also this isn't a problem but a question.  Is there a way view my site from different screen resolutions without changing my own? (I use a Mac if that makes a difference).

Any answers to my problems will be so appreciated, and thanks so much for making this class available Mr. Romero!



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