A Meditation in Pots

A Meditation in Pots - student project

I had (unexpected) fun with this project! Unexpected because I was fearful that my pots would come out too similar to Peggy's - but the process really did journey me towards discovering my "style." 

I began with developing a color palette that was complementary and added some variety with Analogous hues (in the harmony color wheel) and played with some values.

I used a little inspiration from the pots and flora I have at home, and created some from my imagination - which I thought had just about withered up and dried.

Then I made copies of my base pattern and played around with a few different "final versions" of my pots. 

I really love the simplicity of the plain highlighted one - but as my husband noted, the one with pot designs etched in showed a little bit more personality, and the outlined pots elevated the piece to be very "illustrated."


Thank you, Peggy, for facilitating this overtly simple, yet very deep practice.A Meditation in Pots - image 1 - student project

A Meditation in Pots - image 2 - student project