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A Map to My Future

(sample spread of final project)

I came into this class wanting to map something more conceptual. I was leaning towards mapping my route to work by the smells I experience. (Inspired by this scratch and sniff city "Smellscapes") I still intend to pursue this project in the future (along with about a thousand more thanks to Anne's Inspiration videos and resources.)

But for the purposes of this class, I plan on creating a more traditional, informational map to accompany my resume to a company I want to work at. I haven't decided whether I am going to create a map that is pertinent to the person I am sending this to or if I want to map my metaphoric journey to getting to the company. Decisions, decisions. 

The basics:

  • I'm making this map to catch someone's (future/potential employer) attention, while showcasing my skills (design, writing, research, and strategy.)
  • I wouldn't call myself an expert in creating that is personal to someone else, but I am the orignator of the idea. 
  • If I map my journey to the company, then I would be an expert because no one knows my life better than me. 
  • I want the detail level to be pretty minimal (its just my aesthetic preference)
  • Medium: either a printed postcard or on fiber (embroidered) 

Hand-drawn Map Assignment (10/09/13):

This assignment definitely helped me understand my personal style when it comes to mapping things. Super simple.


Its been a while since I really had time to sit down and think about this project, but I have been re-energized (thanks to some inspirational/supportive friends.) My project is going to be a mapped version of my resume. In print version, it will be more of an atlas, with each page being a different location. I think that it will be a really unique way to display my experience because each experience is unique to the place where it occurred. I think it could eventually have a wider reach than my resume, but for now, small steps. I'm just happy that this is all back on track. 


Imaginary Cities Assignment:

The resources Anne shared in this section were simply delightful. It was fun to get a little crafty and make this map out of construction paper. It was also great to think critically about what each purple block was, the spaces in between those blocks, and how they related to one another to form a cohesive "city." 

I also plotted the points of my "mapped resume" for the final project (see image below or click here). I will be featuring my hometown, Boston, Maine, the Netherlands, and Charlestown. I also want to create a custom map for each company I send it to. The custom map will feature the city where the company is located and encourage interactivity. 


I started planning how my final map project will look and did a couple hand-sketches of the page spreads. I know that I want to create everything in Photoshop and I have really liked the look of the simple maps that Anne shared that look like paper-cuts. Hopefully I will be able to re-create that style.


Another big lag in time, but I finished my project a while ago! Just forgot to upload it here. I am really pleased with how it all turned out.

P.S. The colors got distorted on the upload - they aren't as neon/vibrant on my files. 


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