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A Man's Guide to Living on the Cheap in New York (or other cities)

I was like a digital nomad, moving from Singapore to Manchester, and then on to New York City. I found settling in to NYC challenging initially. So I would like to share the essence of what I learnt with people out there who might be travelling to NYC, or contemplating a nomadic lifestyle.

In this class, I would like to teach about how to settle down in a new city quickly. Students will go through the process of looking for accomodation, learning about local currency, weather, transport, and how to find cheap eats.

Consider this a survival guide which will help students get comfortable quickly, and begin the experience of enjoying the city. The students could then practise by picking a city that they would love to live in and come up with their own plan about how to settle in.

Course Outline

1) Getting Started
Introduction - talking head video
Project - To produce a plan as if students are relocating to live in New York City for 3 months

2) Key Concepts
i. Visa and flight matters - talking head about who to contact to find out about immigration matters, and how to get cheap flights.

ii. Finding a Roof Over Head (accommodation) - talking head about websites to find housing. Getting students to contact real people and shortlist houses.

iii. Getting to Know the Dollars and Cents (local currency) - talking head. devise the fastest way to recognise foreign notes and coins.

iv. Ready for Nature (Weather) - talking head. Explore the various ways to cope with weather e.g. getting the right winter gear at a budget, weather patterns

v. Getting Around (Transport) - talking head. Finding their way around NYC Subway.

vi. Finding Cheap Eats (Food) - understanding what kind of food they want to eat, set own budget and compile a list of where to find such food.

3) Conclusion
They should now have a pretty comprehensive plan.

What do you think about this course? Would you join?


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