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A M Y ' S R É S U M É

PART 1 /

Earlier this year I overhauled my resume.  I had been using the same one forever, and in no way was it creative, nor did it reflect my recent career move to graphic design + illustration.  I was applying for a junior designer position with a very cool retailer, and I wanted my resume to look cool too.

I came up with this (minus a few tweaked details), which I was pretty happy with:


I wanted it to be attractive, and not draw too much attention to the fact that I had no formal degree in design... and I wanted it to tell a bit of a story.  I ended up carrying this style over to many of the other documents I am using as a freelancer.

I'm still happy with it, but I think it needs work - especially in the content department.  I'd like that story to flow better, and more intuitively on the page.  I think I'd also like to highlight my design skills and portfolio/pieces differently.

I'm looking forward to getting inspired with this course!!

PART 2 /

Résumé redesigned!

A little summary of the changes:

  • Same two fonts, but scaled down in size
  • Totally new content
  • Replaced goals with a little intro paragraph
  • Added section headings
  • Added notable projects, and about sections
  • New layout, with wider left margin
  • New pop of blue!


And a cover letter to match!


While I was at it, I also redesigned my husband's résumé and cover letter.  He is a Performance Analyst, so while I added a small treatment to his name at the top, changed the fonts, increased the left margin a touch, and added an accent colour, I exercised some restraint in the creativity department.



I would love feedback on my re-designed, and JF's newly designed, résumés!  

And as a side note, I am so grateful for this class.  I've learned so much, and though I'm sure these documents will be works in progress over time, both résumés are massive improvements over the originals, both from a design and content perspective.

Thanks for reading about this project :)


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