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A Logo For Myself

I thought this would be a great opportunity to make a logo mark for myself since it was in class form, it motivated me to finally find time to work on my own logo. I explored different ways to render my initials, A and H, I liked the shield shape and symbolism so I tried incorporating my intials into the shield, I also looked at various fonts and how the A and H looked with different fonts, and finally I looked at other logos for inspiration.

The exploration took a while since I needed to figure out what would best show who I am in general and as a designer. In the end, I realized that what exemplifies me is a straight no nonesense sans serif mixed with a script font - to show a mix of being simple, straight forward, classic, and elegant with a touch of playfulness.

Below are pics of how I arrived at this. I may still tweak the final logo mark a bit.


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