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feedback would be great!

EDIT: added a new design


Here are the designs executed in Ai. I need a bit of advice on a few of them. Otherwise critiques and comments would be greatly appreciated!   


When I first heard about this class, I was beyond excited. As a long time supporter of the band and an aspiring graphic designer (I'm a senior in high school), I'm sure this is going to be a very rewarding class no matter the outcome. 

I feel as if I have a good idea of the band's creative vision using what Tyler said in the interview as well as helping out with their fanpage "skeleton clique". I frequently buy band shirts at shows so I'm keeping that in mind when I'm desiging. It's about what will grab your eye first as well as directly representing the band.


Along with the key terms in the the interview, I thought of geometric, lines, and modern/vintage for inspiration in my designs. I went to my sketchbook and put all of my ideas out onto paper. I circled the ones that I thought were the the best and would work on a shirt. 

1.   This design is where I wanted to focus on geometric shapes. I've seen this style/pattern in lots of artwork lately and think it would look really cool if it were to form the logo in the middle—working with the negative space idea. It's definitely not my favorite idea, but I'll keep working with it and see what happens.

2.   This one is inspired by the weird letters Tyler will sometimes add to his tweets. I didn't want to make it obvious that I was using this idea for inspiration, so I decided to use basic letters and keyboard characters to create cool patterns. It kind of also has a tribal feel to it which is also a very big trend.

3.   This one is more directly inspired by Tyler's weird letters. It was just a little doodle, but there is something about it that I like a lot. I'll see how it turns out once I bring it to the computer.

4.   This one is where I incorperated a reggae feel. The rays coming out from the circle remind me of a sun. The vintage looking tattoos that are very popular right now also inspired me to add the rays. I wanted to focus on the logo that the band and fans still adore. 

5.   I wanted to focus on negative space for this one. I like how the white space makes the logo in the middle. I'm not sure how I feel about adding the corner things to make a square. I'll try both to see what works best. 

6.   For this one I was inspired by the vintage logos styles that are popular. I want to keep it simple to directly promote the band. 


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