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A Little Princess

Update 12/05/13 


Gosh, I am so far behind, but I finally got a chance to start digitizing! I just wanted to share my latest progress. Still a looooong ways to go. Thanks!


Update 11/27/13 


Thanks for all the feedback so far! I agree that the Indian patterns + English letterform are a better way to go. I have refined and selected this sketch:

I wanted it to have more of a Wood Type shape. The upper half with be harsh and dirty black, and the bottom half will be "dipped" in the vibrant and colorful Indian patterns. 

On to a larger, more detailed sketch. Thanks again!


Update 11/26/13 


A Little Princess (originally titled Sara Crewe: or, What Happened at Miss Minchin's Boarding School) tells the story of little Sara Crewe, a wealthy student at a premier boarding school in London. Her father is a Captain in India, becomes wrapped up in diamond mine investing, then eventually loses all his money, his mind, and his life. Sara becomes an orphan/servant girl at the school, and uses her vivid imagination to endure the difficulties of being poor and starving. In the end, a man from India takes pity on her and brings her dreams to life, and eventually, helps her escape her bleak fortune.

My initial idea is to combine British and Indian motifs. Sara is an animated storyteller, and she uses vivid language to imagine her old life in Indian. I also thought about including a crown or tiara in the letterform, but I'm not sure that is working quite yet.

Any thoughts or guidance would be so welcome!



A Little Princess

by Frances Hodgson Burnett


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