A Little Lagniappe, The Illustrator, and Historically Inaccurate

A Little Lagniappe, The Illustrator, and Historically Inaccurate  - student project

A Little Lagniappe

It's not hard to fall in love with New Orleans, however, McQuaid has hated the city ever since he had to move there. The beignets were too sweet, the foods were too spicy, and the music was far, far too loud. His life took one heck of a turn when he gets new neighbors - including the colorful Marsha, a six year old with an overactive imagination and a penchant for finding second lines. She takes him on a whirlwind adventure and he finds himself slowly but surely falling for the most unique city in America.

The Illustrator

John was always a practical soul. He went to the right schools and majored in a field that would garner him a career right after University. Practically, however, is not a substitution for happiness. He dreams of being an artist and one morning wakes to find out that his world has become a blank canvas. With the help of a set of colored markers, John sets out to illustrate his way back to the world he came from. He ends up sketching out a few helpers, Violet, Cerulean, and Shamrock, who show him that the colorful world he created has the potential to be greater than working that desk job for the rest of his life.

Historically Inaccurate

Sam is struggling with his life post college graduation. His three best friends all found different paths and careers that enable them to follow their dreams, however, Sam's ambitions are to relive the old days. Frankie is married with a baby on the way, Cole is pursuing his master’s degree and one day aspires to be a professor, and Neil is managing a bakery that is quickly gaining popularity. He convinces the gang to have one last crazy night out before he fully accepts that they are adults. What he finds, however, is that he idealized the past and the gang is no longer the crazy bunch of kids that he drank far too many kegs with. Sam finds himself sitting alone at the bar as they head home where he finds a girl in the exact situation - all her friends are leaving and she's sulking at the bar. He strikes up a conversation and the two realize that the future may just be better than the past.