A Little JCBR Life List

Life lists are hard.  

I am always finding things to add to mine.  I actually had to put a moratorium on adding things to my list, simply because it was getting overwhelming.  I decided not to add anything until I get some things checked off.  

I am trying to make 2013 a big year for my life list.  Back in January, I accomplished #151 "Drink 12 different wines" and #160, "Coach a 3-peat championship team".  I have a new job in Chicago, which meets my life list item #15, "Live in/near one of the great American Cities (New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia).   The impending move has spurred me to action on other fronts, including #129, "Swim with manatees in Crystal River." 

I am still kind of far away from some of the bigger things I want to do, like #39, "Hike the AT" and #11 "Run every day for a year."  The way I see it, most of my life list items are things that require committment and dedication every day to achieve (like #131. "Learn to Crochet" or #51 "Fill a notebook with recipes that I like").  There are items that require money, like #4, "Spend a season in England, following Man City or Liverpool" or #141 See the Louisville Cardinals play to make it to the Final Four".  But then there are items that require a lot of TIME, like the item that started the whole idea of my life list,  #5 "Kayak the coastline of Florida (Fernadina Beach to Orange Beach)".  I am  so far away from some of these, its disheartening. 

But I guess that is the lesson, right.  That you can't put a pricetag on time.  And that, at the end of the day, you can have plenty of money, but often, that money can't buy you the time you need.  And each of us is only given so much time.  We shouldn't waste it.  



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