A Little Consideration

A Little Consideration - student project

A Little Consideration is a project that my friend is starting up and it turned out to be a good excuse to explore the world of labelling for me.

The Project

My friend enjoys making things. Anything she can get her hands on turns into an art piece. She recently decided to sell things that she made, which turned into 'A Little Consideration': A product line of homemade beauty products such as body lotion, sugar scrubs etc. The ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible and will be sold at local festivals and farmer market to start with. The element of interaction with real people (as opposed to online shopping or big retail) is a crucial part of the project. Her dream is to expand this project if she get a succesful response, partnering with unemployed women in order to create work spaces in run down neighbour hoods. In short this project is a way to combine her interests with the desire to serve the community.

The Mood

Inputs from my friend upfront

During a lovely chat we discussed her ideas of the mood that this project should reflect in its packaging. She is planning on using glass jars with metal lids, so this needs to be considered in the design process. The design should combine the aesthetics of antique/retro viuals with an earthy/whimsical feel. Her Products are aimed to be produced as organic and pure as possible which should be reflected in a simple design. Patterns and floral elements should be considered.

Mood board

The project is based in the Midwest, so that will set the basic tone for the mood. I want to bring this midwest outdoor aesthetic into the design, I love the beauty of the forests and lakes round the area. It is a locally produced product range so the element of the natural ingredients should reflect the nature of that specific area.

There is a strong sense of honest and excellent hand craft in relation to this theme which works well with the concept of the product range. The type should reflect this well crafted, traditional yet timeless character. The imagery of the wood comes in quite handy - it can be really whimsical but reflects solid hand craft as well.

On the other side A Little Consideration has a delicate side to it. It's a special treat, made by hand with pure ingredients. It's something to be treasured and enjoyed not just applied. The best way to reflect this is probably to work some delicate illustrations in. I've been inspired in particular by the illustrations of Lucy Engelman [www.lucyengelmann.com]

A Little Consideration - image 1 - student project

mood board on pinterest: http://pinterest.com/happyrubberboot/a-little-consideration-research/


Making Of

I've been playing around with the pattern of the wooden floor, it could work nicely with intricate texture but I'm not sure yet. It might be too sturdy for the taste of my friend, so there would be another option to play round with forest imagery or wild flowers. More to follow....

A Little Consideration - image 2 - student projectA Little Consideration - image 3 - student project

Having considered my friends style, I realised I need to go down a more whimsical route. I decided to use the tape measure as a reference to hand craft, measuring and all that fun stuff. And I used wild flowers as a reference to the midwest nature.  So here is some visual food for your eyes:

A Little Consideration - image 4 - student project

A Little Consideration - image 5 - student project