A Little Chocolate

**Updates at the bottom!**

First a confession: I still haven't finished my project for Lettering 1. I hit a bit of a wall with the composition and while I was struggling another idea turned up, so I've leaped ahead to Lettering 2 - but I will go back to finish my first project - I promise!

Quote: Love is all you need but a little chocolate doesn't hurt.

I have a friend who opened an independent chocolate shop a few years ago. We were chatting recently and she casually mentioned that she finds it really hard to source chocolate-themed greetings cards. As I was struggling with my first hand lettering on Skillshare at the time, I thought it would be good to give myself a final product to aim for - a greeting card with hand lettered chocolate quote.


I looked at a lot of vintage chocolate packaging, as well as art nouveau inspired packaging of different products, my pinterest board is here, some of my favourite reference images are here:

Practice Lettering:

and a few rough thumbnails:

Almost final sketch:

I think this is shaping up OK, it has the art nouveau feel I was going for, and seems balanced and legible. I got caught up in my aim for symmetry, and ended up with a tall, skinny drawing which was about the shape of a bar of chocolate, but too thin for the intended end use of a greetings card. So I re-drew using a moo.com template as a guide for size. 

Inked version:

This is the final drawing inked up and made a little wider:


I've tried out a few colour variations, but I'm not sure if any of them are right:

Now that I've put them together, straightaway I can see that top left and bottom left aren't really working. I'd love any opinions on which version you prefer.


Thanks so much for the feedback and likes on my project!

I had the best time creating handmade textures! I've always struggled with photoshop textures, but watching Mary Kate's painterly approach to creating textures by hand really helped me understand how they could be used convincingly. 

I dry brushed the letterforms and the swirls around the edges of the image, created a sort of watercolour shadow for each of the banner areas and made a scrumpled paper for the background. My thinking was the background could look like empty chocolate wrapping.

First Coloured and Texture Image:

Version 1 of the (almost) finished piece looked like this:

I've gone waaay too far with everything here! There's too much texture over everything and I also went a little drop-shadow-crazy. There are some elements I'm pleased with - I think the dry brush texture in the letters is ok, but I hate the swirls which look like they've been sponged on the walls of a 1980's kitchen.

The scrumpled paper background was much too confusing and added so much muddy extra detail, so I kept knocking it back until I just removed it all together.

Detail images of texture:

Second Coloured and Textured Image:

Next, I went back and started again with the texture and tried to be more controlled. I removed a lot of the drop shadows so they emphasised the word 'chocolate' instead of having the same treatment on everything. I also flattened out the texture on the swirls so they were less obvious and didn't fight with the text. The background colour is a more minty green now too.

Also, I may have to re do the "doesn't hurt" lettering as the line width is changing quite a lot from the beginnning to end. What do you think? Is the width change bothering you?

Still not sure I'm quite there, so would love any feedback you have to offer!

New Colour Pallette

After a bit of thinking and reading the feedback, I went back to take a look at my colour choices and my reference material. Bournville chocolate had been on my mind throughout the project, but I hadn't really referenced it at all, so I took a look at both Bournville's vintage and contemporary packaging and worked out a new pallette.

I used the same textures that I scanned earlier and came up with this:

It works so much better than the green. It really says "Chocolate" to me (not sure how widely available Bournville is in the rest of the world, so may not have the same connections elsewhere?) The red works better with the concept of "Love" too, so overall a better colour choice I think. 

I'd love any feedback on my new colour choice, and the project as a whole.

The whole class has been a real eye-opener, I feel I've learned so much. I have a lot of practice in front of me to really crack hand-lettering but think I have the ammunition to give it a go now! Thanks so much Mary Kate!


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