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A Little Bit of Love

Feb 24th 2014 ---------

I just finished watching all the instructional videos. After gathering all that glorious information, I will being illustrating the word "Love" because I feel it has a lot of potential to be very illustrative as well as many other things when I begin to explore many styles.

Photos to come very soon!

Feb 25th 2014 ---------

Making progress sketching out my first iteration of the word "Lovers" as suggested by Spencer. Trying to make this first sketch very illustrative and balanced with the flourishes. As well as using some nice tear drop terminals at the ends of the flourishes to soften things up a bit. Lastly, trying to incorporate somewhat of an infinity sign with the capital "L" to really show the meaning of "Lovers". More progress to come!

Feb 26th 2014 ---------

I don't know how I'm managing time to continue to work on this especially with college and work! But here is another sketch I can possibly vector out for this project. I of course just noticed the crossbar on the E should be a bit shorter as well as the shadow on the S is abnormal compared to the rest. Gotta change that angle when I vector!

March 11th 2014 ---------

Finally had time to vector the previous piece and add a bit of detail to it as well. School has been crazy lately but one day I'll finish this haha


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