A Little About My Work

A Little About My Work - student project

Iteration 1:

Hey there! My name is Mitchell. Currently, I was assigned by my teacher to create a presentation (for the sake of this class, we'll say it's about what I love to do/my work). Instead of doing a boring powerpoint, I took it upon myself to develop a short animation. I'm not sure how Skillshare works, so this is me trying to figure it out. My Illustration, which I've already tried to animate in After Effects, represents me, obviously. I will be going through a few transformations in correlation to my personalities in the video. Here's the simple version of me. I don't want to go overboard on the illustrations because I'm afraid there would be too many elements/layers to handle. If there was a way to upload the beginning of the animation I already started so I may get a little critique so far, that would be great! Thanks!

Iteration 2:

Here's my final piece I will be showing off tomorrow at my presentation. It's ok, but it could have been better if I really cared more. I don't like some aspects of it, since parts feel boring. Still, it was fun to do and I hope everyone enjoys it. Critique is welcome! I'll upload it to Vimeo and then post a link here:


(It's still uploading in HD)