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A Life by Design...

I am just starting to create my lifestyle brand and am starting to write content to launch online very soon!!

The purpose of my blog is to be a supportive resource of ideas and inspiration, to identify myself as a specialist and to increase my marketing reach, gain exposure and increase product sales.

My customers are:

Educated women (especially mothers) ages 25-45 who earn $60k or more each year and are either entrepreneurs or dedicated creative hobbyists.

These women:

Are creative/artistic (love to use their hands), love to employ their sense of touch and keen eye for aesthetics, care about natural resources, believe in living healthy and vital lives, are strongly indiviudal, have personal value sytems that center around compassion, health, being of service and creativity, are motivated/driven to express their innate gifts, LOVE to learn and grow and believe that traveling is paramount to a life worth living!

My ideal client is Anah, a 34 year old mother of two who teaches yoga by day and waitresses by night. She's complacent with her life but feels she's living more by default...not living up to the creative juice she knows is inside of her and not offering all of herself to the world, to her children....or even to herself. She's powerfully individual and has a strong voice for her character but that often separates her from others and she longs to feel deeply connected to an intimate community of inspiring people who, like her, are creative and adventureous. She needs support, resources and inspiration to re-imagine herself and her place in the world...to develop daily living practices that are easeful, fun, fulfilling and increse her feeling of vitality. Her sense of style has always been challenged by the limits of mass-market clothing and she's hungry to find clothes that "adorn" her true self....for she is elegant and expressive. Anah needs time to see more of the world and wants to share that adventure with kindred spirits and mentors. Anah wants it all....health, purpose-fulfillment, community and worldly adventures all in her personal style.

My blog style is:

Inapirational - Provocative = MOTIVATING

Intimate - incompatible = TRUSTED

Educational - Haughty = ENLIGHTENING

Playful - Impish = CHEERFUL

Creative - Way-Out = IMAGINATIVE

Goals for my blog:

To support and uplift people who are craving guidance and ideas for leading more fulfilling lives.

To attract an enthusiastic fan-base of 1,000 or more readers/customers by the end of 2015.

To book a waiting list for the Spring 2016 expedition.

To be wooed by popular publications for creativity, self-development and lifestyle design to contribute as a writer and/or to be featured as a specialist in lifestyle design.

To increase sales traffic to my website and create a profit income of $3k a month or more.

To share unapologetically and to positively affect the lives of others by doing so.

Brand Statement:

Ember's Apothecary is an imaginative, motivating and cheerful blog focused on providing content about creating a beautiful life to unique women, creative health enthusiasts and lovers of adventure so that YOU live a life more fully expressed and by purpose-driven design.

I am doing this to reach a ready audience in need of support and resources and to expose my lifestyle brand to a global market for increased sales and impact.

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis I plan to attract an enthusiastic fan-base of 1,000 people by December 2015, book a waiting list for the Spring 2016 expedition and be featured in popular women's publications as a lifestyle design specialist.

Content Pillars:

More to come here.....:)


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