A Letter to my future self.

Dearest Future Self, 

I have completed my first romance novel few months ago in not so perfect manner but I'm still happy about it. And for the second time around, I'm trying my best to work it out to surpass the first book reads in WEBNOVEL and it did! But lately, I'm struggling with the middle chapters of the new book and making me so lazy. Thus, I decided to invest in learning techniques and strategies from Skillshare authors to help me with my journey to make it successful and a better foundation on my writing skills for my upcoming book to join in a writing contest. I couldn't help my self thinking about you at my present time. But what I know is that what I learn today will surely helps you as the most successful and skilled author in your time. Today's struggles will pay off for your wonderful lifetime. Hope you are enjoying vacations and holidays with family since its been two years now that we have troubled with the pandemic. Hope you continue to write until your eyes hurt and blurry. Hope you are writing your stories inside your own writing office facing the beautiful blue ocean that will keeps your mind calm and relax with a great coffee on your table. And please be greatful to your readers and publishers because they help you reached the pedestal of success. 

You are amazing! A great author, the best wife and wonderful mother to your children. 

Your hard work pays off. 

Salute to you! Your books made known and successful in years and decades to come. 


Love you, 

Present Self