Catherine Herold

Artist and Graphic Designer



A Leprechaun Viking

I used the provided illustration of the Viking (because he's got a great beard so how could I not?). I did this entirely in Illustrator.

1. I added a chartreuse solid fill layer over all the layers, and messed with the blending, setting it to "overlay". I had tried a teal color but it made everything have a blue cast, so I went with something that had a little more yellow in it and liked how that looked better.

2. I locked layers I didn't want to change, left the viking unlocked, and selected parts of his tunic and boots and Color Adjusted those.

3. I selected a portion of his beard and Color Adjusted that. I wanted it to be a little lighter than the rest of it for contrast purposes.

Overall, I punched up the yellows of the original and ended up with a viking that looks more like a leprechaun. So he's a lucky Viking now! Maybe he'll get some good loot.

The Original


The Edit



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