A Journey to Sensuality

So It's really really really funny how the universe works. I actually stumbled upon this Skillshare class while reading the book, The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron. I have a limited amount of Skillshare Premium and thought it'd be an excellent first artist's date to watch a Skillshare class or two. I started watching a watercolor class and then found Elle's class on Finding my must. I was instantly intrigued and started the exercises right away. 5b9e7b0cThe Insatgram exercise was particularly energizing as I have Insta, but barely use it. As I looked through the pages I follow I was super inspired. Tim Ferris was interestingly the only man and only white person who made it to the list. Everyone else was a black woman which I found very interesting.

The toughest exercise was the cool shit folder. Year ago I used to keep folders and tumblr accounts chock full of inspiring content, design inspiration and more. This time around all my phone images were pics of my food and husband (and not good pics either). Though I love food and my husband, neither fit the bill for "really cool shit" lol so I went to my Pinterest. Embarrassingly, it became very apparent that  I think Willow Smith is pretty freakin cool (Why had I pinned so many images of her?!)

ee429d40The pattern (aka dinner table) exercise was pretty fun! And I felt like a literal party planner thinking of who would get along with who and which images they'd share from their phones with each other while they enjoyed various meals and conversations. I could literally hear the classes clinking, laughter shared and the interesting meeting of minds. Some tables were easy (like Beyonce, Oprah and Tim Ferris. While it took me some time to decide on seating Willow with FKA Twigs and Lina Viktor.

My heart broke a little when I had to break up the 5th table and divy it between the others so that there could only be 4 categories, but the categories (and the imaginary book covers I designed in less than 2 minutes) seemed pretty fitting. Here are my 4 final groups:




In the end, the theme of pure sensuality resonates a lot with what I'm desiring from life and from my creative journey: to feel, create and express with all of my senses. I'm intrigued to create my next artists date using the prompt "Pure Sensuality."  Maybe I'll go on a date where I try to please all of my sense (find my favorite smell, eat my favorite fruit, look at my favorite color, wear my favorite fabric, listen to my favorite music, etc...). I'm excited to see where this road leads!


Good luck to everyone else who does the class!  May you all find your must. <3


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