A Journey: Creative Writing for Impact Project

Lesson: Start with Your Why


1) I want to tell the story about what it’s like living with chronic pain in your 20’s.

2) Awareness, perception, inspiration.

3) I want to share an intimate perspective of what it’s like to live this experience. To bring awareness to healthy people that loved ones around them are living through this strained reality every day. To let my sister with chronic pain know she is not alone. Encourage others to share their stories.


Lesson: Looking Inward and Outward


1) Current times, United States, a cultural climate where we generally blame the person for their circumstance unless they’ve got a good story to tell.

2) I want to convey frustration, disappointment, and anger wrapped in perseverance, self determination, mental clarity and hope.


Lesson: Key Idea: When Truth Matters


1) Medical history as a timeline.

2) My partner Aaron, my mother, coworkers.

3) My perspective of my mother is in opposition with her perception of herself. I don’t want to hurt her by coming off as cold as I feel, but I don’t want to omit her from my story, she is an important part.


to be continued...


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