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A Hybrid Story


This about sums it up:

My handwriting is quite unique and varies depending on how the word flows. So I've translated below, if you need some help deciphering my scratch.

"My style is unique. I am an artist, writer, reader, creator. I don't like to blend in. I like be BIG + BOLD and most of all BRIGHT. Even though my house is cookie-cutter on the outside, I've got my mark all over it. I'm just beginning to learn what I can do with these new outlest for creativity. And above all, I want to have a place to share my passion and all things in life I love.

"Sometimes I contradict myself, but that's okay. It's all about figuring out how to express myself without the need for perfection. - SD"

Off to the side, I wrote: "Contrast is the spice of life!"

Ultimately I'd like to build a website for myself. I had one before, that I had someone else make for me. It was generic. It wasn't special. It just wasn't me. Wasn't inspiring. So I never used it. I feel that now, I've finally got a way to make my own stuff, and make it scream that it's my creation. Best of all, it's adding fuel to the fire. The further I get along, the more I NEED to keep experimenting.

"Feck Perfuction" is right on!

So far from my doodles and experiments, I've been the most satisfied with my sharpie. It's funny. Before, I didn't really like using them. They're big and bulky and half the time my scratch would get lost with the fat lines it would leave as I dragged it across the page. But I've come to realize it's got its own qualities. Imperfect, and luxurious at the same time.

Tonight, I plan to not only scan my doodles and get them into photoshop like the lovely Julie Smits suggested in the discussions page, but I'm also going to whip out my paint and use it on some unsuspecting piece. The weather's nice. Maybe I'll have some fun on the driveway.... So many possibilities. AND SO MUCH FUN!


To start things off, I gathered some inspiration pieces. Humor in the morbid, humor from faulty concrete. Of course there are still some other amazing things out there that this little taste of inspiration doesn't touch. But alas, I'm growing in this newfound freedom. Freedom to play, freedom to mark up anything and everything with anything that will make a mark. Here goes.

RANDOM DOODLING (mostly with text)


Very first 'doodle' page. More play with squiggles, starting in on my initials. Didn't really like any of these, but it was pushing me in a direction more close to what I was after:

This one, I'm not really sure what I was after. I was trying to see if an old symbol (with variations of the meaning of being creative) would work with my initials, but in the end, I didn't like any of them. My thinking: It's not me, I need to create my own mark, duh! Why did I waste all that time? Oh well:

This is the first 'doodle' I did where I actually started to see some of the beauty. Although, I know it's not completely doodles (more on those to come). I have curly hair, so I was experimenting with squiggles and my initials. Turns out, I wasn't a fan of the squiggles, but some of my initials were looking interesting, so I kept going:

Sharpie, fiddling with my initials without squiggles. I ended up liking several:

Another fountain pen, nod to my obsession with urban fantasy (vampires, witches, etc.):

Another fountain pen. I started doodling the 'heart' but it turned into looking just like the Star Trek symbol, that's when I added the text.

Fountain pen. Nod to being a parent (notice the crescent moon in there?):

This is done with a medium tip black sharpie. Not really sure where this idea came from:

For this one, I grabbed a dry erase marker and drew on my office window:

Here's a close up of how the mark looks on the glass:

Here's some little 'thumbnails' of pencil doodles. The first one ended up starting to look like an S, so I went with it. The top right was random, as well as bottom left. The bottom right, after making what looks like a weird face, I kind of swirled the pencil to the tune of Clair De Lune. It ended up looking interesting:

UPDATE: I've been busy creating things. Hold on, it's a long journey!

Sharpie is my friend.

I used an old gift card and smeared paint down a page. I used a triangle make up sponge to dab as well.

Now is where we get to the good stuff!

Here, I took a small portion of the big blue paint picture, and I used it as a background for a header on a short story series I've started:

Have a look at my website: http://thesarahdoughty.wordpress.com
tumblr: http://thesarahdoughty.tumblr.com
twitter: twitter.com/thesarahdoughty
instagram: instagram.com/thesarahdoughty

They've got my name written all over them. I'll be back soon with more updates! This class is unbelievably fun.


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