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A Huge Saint Bernard on a JC T-shirt?

These are the colors i choose for my design...still can't decide which one is better

here's the barrel i drew for the back, i also give a shot to the ECR custom type as a backprint when it's not on the front

Thanks everyone for helping me during this month, this was my first skillshare class, i learned a lot and it was fun as well! thank you guys! let me know what you think about this last updates.


another variation i made in these days...

just a quick update...


Ciao a tutti! now it's time to show you some composition i made with the elements of my project

i also made a little back print

i didn't choose the colors yet, i want to give a classic look combined with a typical "summer camp" look, with just a color for the artwork and the shirt's color, i'm still searching the right ones...

comments,thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.



So, this is what came out during these days of sketching...

I know by myself i need to work more on type here, but i was focused mainly on the illustration,

do you think "bake for those lost" is a good phrase to put into the design, or maybe the Delivery Rescue Team is better?

Let me know your thoughts about it, suggestions are welcome!


Hi everyone, my name is Marco, i'm 21 and i'm a proud student of this class from Italy, now i introduce you to my project.


I always felt johnny cupcakes as a solid brand, everything from this brand it's made with care and quality for every detail, from t-shirts to packagings, stores and also the tours they do all over the US are always made really really well.

thanks to all this, they have a lot of supporters and enthusiasts in the whole world always following what JC's cooking up for them, living the wait with excitement and when the new stuff is out they support the brand with devotion, this motivates johnny to produce other awesome clothes for them.


To explain what i've just written up here i thought a saint bernard was a good icon of loyalty and friendship each other demonstrate, this dog has a strong iconography and he's also huge, like the Johnny Cupcakes family.


I found a reference in a print of the italian artist Leonetto Cappiello i have at home.

i like the type in it too, i could write johnny cupcakes in that way, but i'm not sure yet, i'm searching also for a little phrase to put in the design, i'd like to hear some suggestion from you about.

another doubt i have it's about the barrel, i don't know if maintain it or change it with a jc's box like the one already appeared in some of their designs

other st. bernard references

that's all for the moment, hope you like it, let me know what you think about it!

PS sorry for my english




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