A Horse Tale

A Horse Tale - student project

A Horse Tale - image 1 - student project

I've been an artist all of my life, and a graphic designer for 30+ years. I've seen the graphics industry progress from manual processes to digital technology, and I do love technology! I particularly enjoy Photoshop and tried using the software to create art, but was never pleased with the results. In mid 2014 I noticed a digital painting book on the sales table in my local bookstore. I told myself I didn't need another book (I love books and learning!). Several times I went to the table and browsed the book, but told myself "no." Upon passing the sales table on my way out of the store, my hand reached out and grabbed that digital painting book, and I headed to the cash register. What a treasure my purchase turned out to be! Upon creating my first digital painting I was in heaven. I've since created a number of digital paintings, and had them reproduced by a small local company. It was as I was on my way to to pick up my latest painting that I saw this scene and thought it might make a good subject to paint. The scene is Cooper Mountain Vineyard, and it is the view from Horse Tale Road. Hope you enjoy my story! 

Fren Andersen

Graphic Designer, artist, & lifelong learner