A Hero A Fake - Spring 2013 Tour

Research & Brainstorming

I'll be creating a poster for the Spring 2013 tour for my boyfriend's band, A Hero A Fake. They're a progressive metal band with a young fanbase, so they'll need to give off the image of being tough and gritty, but also young and fun. I've been designing promo material for them for a few years, but this is the first time I've taken a stab at designing a poster for them, so I'm very excited!

A Hero A Fake 1

A Hero A Fake 2

The band's music is intricate, and that is definitely reflected in most of their artwork. Visually, they like a combination of science, space, nature and destruction. 

a hero a fake albums

I'll be making this poster for their upcoming tour in April. Since most of their show posters require other band logos and show info, this will just be a memorabilia piece they can throw up on the merch table. Sketches coming soon!



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