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A Heart of Diamond: A Sorceror's Delight


I'm currently starting to make a manga. It's a bit different that the style shown in the class, but I still want to participate and see what the teacher has to say so I'll be posting my project with a different style to it. I have an outfit in mind and I have a fairly good idea of what I want in my main character, so we'll see what I come up with ^^


This is what her hair will look like a bit later in the comic. Her hair will change a bit throughout the manga. She'll have several outfits too. We'll see what I come up with ^^

And I need to list what I want my character to be personality wise. She's based off of me, but there's a ton to me so I need to figure out what I want to focus on.

So I definitely want her to be a bit clumsy here and there. She's definitely a try hard. Doesn't give up easily. She likes swords and animals. She's definitely a bit childish for her age, but she can be mature. She's a bit quirky too. She can be forgetful. She can have a weird sense of humor. she likes animals. Is very social and can be loud. She can be rebellious, especially to her parents. She likes to do pranks. Is very playful. 

There, I think that's a good list xD

Organized version:


Hard worker, but makes mistakes and learns after them


likes weapons and animals and cute round things

likes to tease and prank


a bit forgetful


social/ can be loud


Now I believe that she should have some weaknesses. Everyone has some faults and I want my character to be believable. I will be mentioning her faults in the manga so lets get started

My manga itself will have a few themes in it, so I'll center the main character's faults a bit around the themes. So, themes!

Pride power and corruption

Regaining lost identities

Dabbling in the bad to better know good

Light and darkness, chaos and order

choosing your own path


Power of tradition

Sorcerory good and bad

Oh wow, that's a pretty good list. Sweet! 

So, weaknesses!

Is super independent to a fault. When she should ask for help she just continues on her own. I do that too.

Not the best warrior (but is eager to learn)

I'll think up of some more later

And now, what we've all been waiting for...

The comic page!!!!

This is page two of my manga and it summarizes what I very much so desire to do to my cat when she meows as I'm sleeping.



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