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A Hair of a Split of Time

Step One...The Words.....

I began by wandering though the graveyard of old moleskin. An even longer walk down memory lane....ugh. Some good, some fantastic. Some just bleck! Anyway. I found this little entry and thought it might be a good start for my project.  I may only use my favorite part. "a hair of a split of time"

Open to thoughts. Here's the entry.

In one of those strange moments of conicidence...of strange crossed paths...of a hair of a split of time, you bump into another human being who makes you quiet in yourself. Or curious. Or just smiling.

You pass another person and in those quiet moments you breathe another person in and know you are better for the coincidence that you should pass....you both hope you might pass again....as you surely must have done before.

Starting to explore the visual ideas.

A Start.

I have decided to do a panel per word. I think this is a good start, but wish the background was less blocky and and scale of the letter a larger part of the image, but for now, it's a start. I may try a cold wax medium for a more textural effect.

Paper, graphite and acrylic on board


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