Cynthia Perkins

Author/Holistic Health Coach



A Guided Meditation: Using Mindfulness for Quick Stress Relief & Deep Relaxation

Class Project

1. Write a Meditation Commitment Statement. As you learned in the class, the greatest benefits of meditation are acquired through regular practice. However, many people find it challenging to remain committed to their practice on a daily basis.

Making a commitment statement that is witnessed by others helps one to hold themselves accountable. And, studies show that people who have some kind of accountability when trying to make lifestyle changes are much more successful in reaching that goal.

When writing your meditation commitment statement, at a minimum it should include your name and some kind of pledge. But, it may be more powerful if you include more specific details like how much time you'll set aside, when and where, and why you want to make this change. You can add any other statements that make you feel empowered and motivated. It is more powerful if you write it by hand on paper and then scan and upload to your computer.

Here is an example to help you get started:

"I, Cynthia Perkins, pledge to be committed to practicing mindfulness meditation every morning before I begin my day. I make this commitment to myself so that I may experience more inner peace, relaxation, and reduction in stress and enhance my health."

If you feel inclined, you can stop back periodically and let us know how your commitment is going.

If you are an experienced meditator who has already been committed to your practice for a long time, you may still find it beneficial to renew your commitment or perhaps to make some kind of change to that commitment or remind yourself of why you are committed.


1. Intro (Screencast ) 3 minutes (Brief overview of what we will cover, what they will gain)

2. Terms to Understand (Screencast )2.2 minutes 

3. Preparation (Screencast) 2.3 minute (Instruct to get in quiet comfortable place, lie down or sit)

4. The Magic Wand Guided Meditation (Screencast) 16 minutes (Guide them through the technique)

5. Putting it Into Practice and Variations (Screencast) 3 minutes (When and how to practice, variations of the technique.)

6. Best Time to Meditate 2.5 minutes

7. Closing Thoughts & Class Project (Screencast) 2.1 minute (thank you and explain class project and why important)


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