Jody Wasley

Graphic Designer and Illustrator



A Grateful Heart Leads to a Positive Mind

For a university activity, I had to create a hand-lettered quote that expresses one of my core values or beliefs. I also signed up for skillshare at the time so I saw it as a great opportunity to take part in this class and learn some new hand-lettering skills!

I was in a pretty bad state at the end of last year, and so I learnt some methods of self love, appreciation and gratitude. This year, my whole outlook and quality of life has changed positively since taking the time to appreciate my surroundings and what I already have. Practicing gratitude every day is one of the easiest, simplest, yet most meaningful habit you can get into for leading a positive life. I owe myself and preach this quote all the time!




I used Mary's brainstorming technique and tried out some different designs. The final sketch I chose was this:



I had a little trouble with the colours and vectored stages, here are some of my colour outcomes:





I liked the freshness of the blue, so I slept on the design and came back and finalised it. Here is the final outcome:



Thanks! :) 


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