A Good Nite.

So here's my first shot among the few I was able to take last night. I was pretty lucky to capture this, because just a few moments after the shot, I got kicked out..
I did plan on shooting a much wider shot, but nevertheless I'm satisfied with this one.

ISO: 160



**I just realized I made some faults with the editing.. this was edited while the sun was beaming my screen like crazy.

*UPDATED: 2/2/13

Grain was intended..into to that kind of stuff, haha.
I believe everything I shot was at 30s, aperture/ISO was generally around the same as well.

I apologize for the lack of variety, wasn't able to get out much, but hope you enjoy nonetheless.

**UPDATED 2/4/13:
I was able to snap a quick, last minute portrait tonight. I was really going for a mysterious/gritty feel to it. Really simple. Shot at f/1.4, ISO: 800, 1/30.


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