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A Girl and her Universe

I started painting a few months ago and had been looking for modern watercolor classes for a while. I took a few online classes, but it was all very classical and they were not what I was looking for. I spent tons of hours staring at different artists illustrations wondering how they got there and with no clue on how to start. FINALLY, I found this class and, besides teaching me new techniques, it answered a lot of my questions.

Since I had a bit of a basis I did not do all the exercises per se. I did start experimenting with the watercolor backgrounds right away though, but with other applications.The first exercise I did was a green background for a Mandala:


The 2nd time around I tried one of the responsive exercise I love to do, but this time I made the background using a few of the tecniques from the class:


After that, I tried a simple high contrast drawing.


I was getting comfortable with mixing the watercolors and how they were turning out, so I tried the jellyfish exercise. I had a blast doing this one!


After this one, I was finally happy with how the backgrounds were looking and decided to go get the bleach I was running away from (I had only been using the salt so far). The inspiration for the illustration was actually from a John Green quote. I started out making a few sketches of a girl and how I wanted her face to look.


Once I was satisfied with the sketch, I used tracing paper to transfer the image to the watercolor paper. Took a deep breath and started adding color to it.


I used black, two shades of blue, an ocre and magenta, salt and bleach. I painted everything before I went to sleep and when I woke up I was fascinated with the result! Used white acrylic paint for the stars and painted the girl after everything else was done. Here's the final result before digitizing it:



Since I wanted to add the John Green quote that inspired the painting and I was VERY scared of damaging it or not getting the right contrast, I decided to digitize the image. First, I wrote the quote (didn't want to use a digital font). 


I took a picture of it and traced it using Illustrator. After that, I added the quote to the image using Photoshop. I had to adjust the colors a bit for the quote to be readable. I'm very happy with the result!


Ana, thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge with us. It was incredibly useful! I can't wait for another one of your classes. <3


I made a new painting with the same theme. I just can't stop!


Jessica A.


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