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A Girl and a Growler

I started this project as a way to bring more fun into my life.  I work in a job that doesn't inspire me or challenge me (okay, or pay me) quite as much as I'd like, and I realized that I'll probably go crazy if I don't have an outlet for my creativity or for my personality.  There is life beyond Microsoft Office and I am out to live it. 

I'm partially inspired by a project I once did as an underdraduate in a journalism course, when I profiled a brewery as my final piece for the class.  I had took a lot of photos, met a lot of cool people, learned a lot about making beer, and might have even drank a little.  I didn't so much have a method as much as I just followed my curiousity, so I'm going to try to do the same thing again, which basically boils down to asking a lot of questions, reading a lot of articles, and making friends with people who are down to brew. 


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