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A Gift of Words

I took a religious course at my church recently and was really touched by the instructor and wanted to make a special gift that could both relay my gratitude and also be a keepsake to remind them of how special their work is! So I searched and searched the internet for quotes and finally came upon one I liked, but was way too long.  So finallly, I took the quote and shortened and tweaked it to say more specifically what I wanted to relay.

I then sketched it to figure out spacing of the words and to figure out how many lines of text I wanted for my 8 x 10 mat/11 x 14 frame.  I went with a bouncing baseline to make the quote feel light and sweet - like a warm, summer breeze.

Then I added some light flourishing to make everything more pretty.  What was awesome, was that I just happened to notice that the T and the H in the word "touch" could come together to make a heart - it just seemed to work in this piece, since it was a heartfelt message :)

Then I put the sketch on a light box to calligraphy it.  I used a Speedball 512 nib.  I chose it in this piece becaues I wanted the upstrokes to be a bit thicker, so it would be easier to read on the wall.  

I loved using calligraphy in this way, as a gift - very unique, personal, beautiful, and an intimate way to share feelings.  


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