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Michelle Goggins

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A Gift of Knowledge!

This was such an excellent class!  I feel like I learned some really valuable skills in Illustrator while making a fun project. 

I had a bit of trouble with the shapebuilder tool.  It wouldn't do anything!  So, I finally thought about things I've learned in previous Illustrator for Lunch classes, and settled on using the pathfinder to make one single shape.  It seemed to work out just fine! 

I'm so excited about everything I learned about using the appearance panel.  And then - such magic- to quickly apply all those stroke & fill effects to a new shape!!!  Wow!!!  It totally made my day to learn how to do that! 

Recoloring was a lot of fun as well.  I learned some great things about color swatches too. 

I highly recommend this class to anyone learning Illustrator!





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