A Geeky Family Crest

A Geeky Family Crest - student project


I surveyed by family to help get ideas of things that would be meaningful to all of us, and I think I got something that looks pretty cool.


A Geeky Family Crest - image 1 - student project


Symbolism (from top to bottom):

Taylor: Our name, and I tried to make it in a Viking rune-esque type to honor our Norwegian heritage.  Not a huge thing in our family, but the family that would identify with the crest all have that in common.

Dragons:  Our family is a bunch of fantasy geeks.  I tried putting the dragons in the shield at first, but not only did they look better taking the place of the often seen stags along the side, I think our love for fantasy is the most prominent thing in our family.

Cards: We played a lot of board and card games growing up, and the numbers of the cards represent our birth months.

Controller: We also all played a lot of video games, especially Nintendo (especially Nintendo 64).

Pancakes: My dad's classic family breakfast.

Banner: We didn't have any catch-phrases growing up, but we sang a lot of songs in the car, especially Oldies.  One of our favorites was "Witch Doctor" by David Seville, and the chorus went "ooo eee oh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang".  I also thought it was fun that it is like another language as those banners often have something in Latin along the bottom.


Trying out some colors:

A Geeky Family Crest - image 2 - student project


And on black (not totally sold with this combo, but I was having a hard time picking colors that would stand out on black as well as not make the crest look strange).

A Geeky Family Crest - image 3 - student project

Some quick t shirt mockups:

A Geeky Family Crest - image 4 - student project

A Geeky Family Crest - image 5 - student project

A Geeky Family Crest - image 6 - student project