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A Funky Leopard

First off I want to say that I got a lot from taking this course. The resources that are given have proven to be quite insightful. I haven't gotten my hands on the German grid book, but Mr. Wong's book was cheap and short. My favorite kind of book. But there was alot of fundmentals in there that have really helped me grow as an artist. I tend to overwork my pieces and used detail to compensate for a lack of basic shaping. This class has helped give me a foundation of principles to guide and give purpose to my abstracition and subtraction.

That being said, my project is a logo design based on a leopard head. I went to a spec work site and chose the first brief that made reference to animal imagery. DJ Funky Leopard, a female disc jock from Miami and she wanted a leopard, preferably on a turntable, complete with a .jpeg of a tacky leopard painting for our inspiration. She thought perhaps the leopard could be leaning on a tonearm with its arm on the record.

Knowing at least the first thing about logo design, I knew that was not the way to go. So I tried to find a minimalist manner of integrading leopard and nigh club and came up with a fusion of leopard scull and turntable cartridge. The turntable reference may be slight, but the nose does evoke the shape of a stylus.

In the end she went a different way with her logo. I am not a fan of the results, but to each their own. I was able to use the principles of gridding, minimalist depiction and a modern design sense on my submission and I look forward to growing these skills moving forward. 

So anyway, thanks to Mr. Bokhua for providing a great class, sharing his skill, and I look forward to more from you soon.



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