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A Full Mailbox is a Happy Mailbox

I have always loved postcards. Picking one up to send to a loved one, receiving one in the mail, the different themes and beautiful photos they carry... So when I discovered Postcrossing through a friend, I instantly fell in love.

The trouble was, and actually still is, it's very hard to find quality postcards where I live. They all seem the same to me and I just want to send something a little different. I bought Penguin's postcard sets and tried to find original designs when it dawned on me - I could design them myself!

I've been working on my hand lettering for a while now. I have lettered phrases for fun, sketches for possible murals and I thought I would try my hand at hand lettering my own postcard design.

The phrase I picked was "A full mailbox was a happy mailbox", obviously when it's snail mail : )

First I did the initial sketches:



I showed these to a few friends and I decided on which one I wanted to move forward with. Now at this stage I hadn't watched your video yet so actually if I did it from scratch, I would try more layouts with pencil and paper before I fell in love with my first attempt and jumped into ink. But for now we're only sort of fixing them so I am putting them here as they are. Every opportunity to learn is welcome.

Then I sort of made it larger and worked on a few details. I researched an original mailbox and how the postal stamps looked to make my design more realistic in some way.



I enlarged and redrew my design with the details before I took it to Photoshop:


I did some minor changes in Photoshop. Now I realize I should have done them on paper. The resolution would be better too if I had.

Still, I was pretty happy with it at this stage : ) I printed it and sent out a few postcards:



And finally I decided that I liked the composition better when the "FULL" was black so I filled it black and added my name.


I decided to leave this one black and white but for future projects I am looking forward to experimenting with color. Hope to get better at both lettering and self-critiquing as I go : )

Thank you for another wonderful lesson and for sharing your progress.


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