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Meredith Wagler

Stationery Designer at Designed by Mere



A Fresh Picnic

For me, picnics are all about the food, and the food is seasonal, fresh, and yum! There's no point going on a picnic without good food. While I was doing my word map, I was drawn to the idea of freshness, as well as the idea of gingham. We'll see what happens as I start sketching!

My little girl decided to color over my doodles before I could snap a picture, but just trust that I did do some doodling and dreaming before starting to vectorize my ideas. Here's what I've got so far:

I'm really happy with the watermelon -- I think it looks cool. But the strawberry is just a little blah. I also like the start to my gingham background.

Sometimes I do things a little backwards. I worked on the images above before I watched the video on coming up with your color swatches. I was inspired by the video to think about my colors a little more, so I took some images from my Pinterest inspiration board and came up with these swatches:

I'm excited to apply these swatches to my motifs!


July 2 update:

I still have some more of the videos to go through, but it's down to the wire for submitting a pattern to the contest, so I decided to show off what I have. :) I'm pretty happy with the results, as this is my first time doing anything like this. I'm an on-the-side designer, and I've learned so much with this course. 

Here's my repeat:


July 3 update:

When I went to resize my pattern for the Spoonflower contest submission, I ran into another problem that took me too long to troubleshoot. Turns out that the issue was that I had a bleed on the document, and when I exported the .png, the bleed was also exported, creating an extra white line in my pattern when I tiled it from the .png. But I figured it out, so phew! I missed the contest deadline, but I still submitted my design to Spoonflower here: 



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