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A Freelance Creative's Day in Symbols

____________________________The Project Canvas__________________________

As I begin this project, I have stated several guidelines for myself both because the outcome will become part of my creative identity and because I wanted to really challenge myself to go beyond the basics I have treated my own sites with for too long. (I think this has to be like the old analogy about the carpenter...)

So, my self-imposed guidelines:

  • Every piece will represent a day in the life of a freelance creative (me, yay!)
    specifically as it relates to studio hours and the workday flow.
  • Each piece must use the mood and guidelines established for Lolaness by Phebe Durand
  • Two final sets will be created to fit in the creative identity

With these guidelines, I know I will want to just start from the beginning using my creative identity page layout template. I've already adjusted wording and page numbering to reflect where it will now fit into my identity package. What I begin with as a framework to build on using my guidelines is this:

With this very basic piece ready from my existing identity package, I quickly added numbers 1-20 and simply didn't have to think about what belonged there. Every work day brings delightful new challenges but they always seem to follow the same pattern.

I've left room by each activity so that I can sketch directly on it using a graphics tablet when I hit my next lesson & step.

Slow going on this project due to emergency circumstances so I wanted to get this quick update in.

My idea: I want every (or nearly every) symbol to be based on or showing a computer screen, since this is vital to my work. The challenge here is that not everything is expressed well iconically using a computer screen. I will make it work!

So these are likely the roughest sketches I have ever made in my life ... next to stick figures. I made the mistake of thinking I could use a graphics tablet I'm not used to and be just fine. Oh so not so! Tip to the wise: Never borrow something you're not used to and think you can create something good ... or even mediocre.

The basic ideas are there. The presentation of the sketches will have to be reworked. Here's my very most basic concept:

I think that the style I'll be working with most is outline, because it fits my needs best. I plan to make the lines thick and strong.

Many of my symbols must make abstract concepts more concrete ... yay for challenges. So the idea with this one is a good example of how I want to express the concept - even if it is a very rough sketch. I have a computer monitor with a paperclip and piece of paper inside the monitor, and several pieces of paper representing several documents flowing from the screen.

To use more of a narrative idea, for social media I want to express how two computer users are connected via Social Media. I realize the proportions on this one need to be adjusted. It will be better expressed in my updated sketches.

I was attempting to be more in proportion with this sketch but made the objects out of proportion because I was trying too hard to make the graphics tablet work for me at this point. I'm using the narrative concept here, though, with a computer monitor showing a big exclamation point, the user with a big lightbulb idea spark.

So, for Day 3, I will either be grabbing my own graphics tablet or (more likely) breaking down and grabbing a pencil and paper and scanning in updated sketches.

Yeah ... maybe more of a perfectionist than necessary but this is what I feel I need to do to continue.

So my scanner's on the fritz. I have taken a photo of the best concepts - the ones I like the most - from my pencil and paper sketches. The photo quality on these isn't the best, but you shouldn't have any problem making out the concepts (and more clearly than before).

These are what I share on Day 3 and feel confident moving on now that I have all my sketches cleanly done and ready for Illustrator.

Shown are my concepts for (from top to bottom) the base computer that will be used throughout the symbol series, my coffee and muffin breakfast (yup, at the computer ... I know, I know), the Check Email symbol, the Inspect Projects symbol, and the symbol for Progress / Creation of Projects.


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