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A Fowl Fiesta

Absolutely loved the 'Finishing Touches' Tutorials. Thanks Brad! I have learnt so many little tips and tricks that I cannot wait to play with in my future illustrations. Experiemented with all of them in one way or another on this piece. Might need to leave my 'Loud' Illustration at this point for now as it's time to get back to working for a living.

But would love to hear if any of you have any thoughts you many have regarding colour variations or additional elements I could incorporate. Will definately try to work on this further as an ongoing personal project in the future.

I have finally digitised my illustration. It is still in super initial basic stages... Just starting to look at adding some patterns and 'roughening' my edges. 

Really struggling with colours though. I've been playing around for ages and still can't seem to get a pallete that works. I really wanted to keep the birds' hair yellow and cheeks pink, (to pay respect to my Cockatiel who was my inspiration!)

Any suggestions would be mega appreciated. I think it's the tree and background colour that need work... but I've been looking at this for so long now that I am really not sure anymore :/

Initial concept sketches: As I was brainstorming for this project my pesky Cockatiels were creating a monstrous uproar in their cage, squarking for attention. Needless to say they greatly influenced the direction of my though process...


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